Westernasset.pro Review – Is This A Legit Platform?

A few months ago, one of my friends introduced me to a community earning platform named Westernasset.pro. I had no previous experience with such a platform, and this was the first time I heard about Westernasset. You can check out my full review of the platform below.

I visited the platform’s website and after I read what it’s all about, I decided to register and review it for myself. As per the instructions, you don’t have to pay anything to use the platform in the beginning, and you should make your first contribution after you make your first winnings. 

I asked him what should be the amount to start, and he suggested I should initially deposit 100eu. Although it seemed like a lot of money, he promised that I won’t regret it, so I created an account at the casino and deposited the first 100eu. I’ve read many positive and negative reviews about the platform, so I decided to review the platform for myself and help others with their decision.

My goal was to see if I can double my initial deposit in two weeks – as other community members have done. Here you can see how it worked over a period of 14 days while playing an average of 1-2 hours per day.

When starting the review, I had three options: to play with 0.1eu, 1eu, and 10eu per session. At first, I thought that 100eu is more than enough to start off with 10eu. Luckily, my friend advised me that 100eu is nowhere near enough for the 10eu sessions, and told me to play with 1eu. After completing some sessions I understood why. On the first day, I only managed to complete 15 sessions – which meant 15eu in profit. 

The following days there were some ups and downs. At one point, the software asked me to redeposit, so I felt like I joined a big scam scheme. I approached my friend again, and he showed me his current balance in his account, which encouraged me to go on. I redeposited 150eu, and I eventually finished my journey in less than two weeks with 300eu in profit.

I recorded all of the sessions and rounds in my review, and I’ve put them in a table so you can see how I managed to get from 100eu to 400eu in two weeks. You can check out the table for yourself below, and feel free to share your experiences with the Westernasset platform in the comment area.

If you are watching the site from a mobile please rotate your device to see the table in the best possible way.

101-15100€15€These are my first sessions using Westernasset in real mode. I started off with a 100eu deposit. So far – so good. No long sessions and I finished the day with 14eu profit.
216-52115€37€I got the grip of the software, and I played for approx 90 mins. I completed 37 sessions and finished the day with 37eu in profit. There were some ups and downs, but I completed all the sessions successfully.
353-70152€18€Another day finished without any problems. The longest session lasted 8 minutes, but I finished all the sessions successfully.
470-82170€52€The first problem started in session 77. It was a really long session, and after many ups and downs, the balance fell to 23eu. The software gave me a few options to redeposit, depending on the chances of winning. I was very worried and I was hesitating whether I should continue playing and invest even more money, or count my losses and call it quits. The options available were a deposit of 76eu with 50% chances to finish the session, 109eu with 80% chances to finish the session, 128eu with 95% chances, and 154eu with 99% chances to finish the session. I started making calculations and eventually decided that my best option was to redeposit 109eu and try my luck. Luckily, I managed to come back – and it felt like I got my breath back! To add to that, I finished the day with 52eu profit.
582-100331€0€Session 94 was a long one. It lasted for more than 20 minutes, and although I managed to recover, I must have miss clicked at some point. Instead of finishing the session with 349eu in my balance, I finished with 331eu – which means I lost 18eu. At the end of the day, I finished where I started, but it is what it is.
6100-109331€9€I was busy today so I only played only 10-20 mins. However, I still managed to earn some cash, and my current balance is 340eu – out of which 131eu in profit.
7109-127340€18€A few long sessions here and there. At one point, I was scared I might have to redeposit again. But all turned out good and I finished the day without re-depositing. Although I played for one and a half hours, I only managed to finish 18 sessions and earn 18eu in profit.
8127-150358€23€Finally an easy day. I managed to complete 23 sessions in just an hour, and I finished the day with 23eu in profit.
9/381€0€On day 9 I was very busy so I had no time to play roulette. I got home late, so I decided to skip playing and move on the next day.
10150-186381€22€I was really tired when I started playing, and I must have miss-clicked and pressed ‘I won’ instead of ‘I lost’. Although I completed 36 sessions, I only had 22eu in profit, which means I lost 14eu along the way. Still, a profitable day.
11186-205403€19€An easy and relaxing day. I played for 1 hour with little breaks, and I completed 19 sessions. I was focused today, didn’t make any miss clicks, and finished the day with 19eu in profit.
12205-240422€35€Although I had a lot of time today, the casino logged me out of the table a couple of times. At one point, it said that my connection is lost, although my internet connection was fine. Nevertheless, I finished the day with 35eu in profit.
13240-262457€24€Today I managed to earn 24eu in profit in just 22 sessions. I miss-clicked during a long hand and I wagered 20eu more than I should have, but in the end, I had 24eu profit, and my final balance for today is 481eu (out of which 209eu is my deposit + 272eu in profit)
14262-290481€28€This journey took me exactly two weeks, or 14 days to earn 300eu in profit. If it wasn’t for my miss-clicks and some bugs, I could have finished the cycle a few days earlier. My total balance is 509eu, out of which 100eu is my initial investment, 109eu redeposit, and 300eu profit!

Following my thorough Westernasset.pro review, I can say that it’s a legitimate platform that can help you make a profit. In my test I managed to get 300€ with an average of working 1 hour per day and it was actually fun to gain it. However, there are some notes to be taken.

First, you have to be patient. Patience is key when it comes to using this platform, and you should always keep that in mind and not rush! 

Also, you can check out my Westernasset.pro Roulette Software Full Review.

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  1. joe68

    WOW!!!!!!!!! This is great!!! Thanks, I like your progress, and thanks for the insightful information. I am gonna check it out right now

  2. StephenTheManiac

    Nice review … I had a similar experience and so far I am also very happy with the software. I also withdrew already my first money which gives me a good feeling about the platform

  3. brockhaus

    I agree the software works! Not as promised 48€/hour but it can make some money… Good job!

  4. I enjoy your writing style truly rrot enjoying this internet site . Caria Antonio Joktan

  5. vloggymikey

    wow this is actually impressive. Does it cost to register? BTW I love your blog <3

  6. ciro

    Awesome review and great writing, thank you

  7. jason

    thank you very much for your post, you cleared my doubts about this platform and I ought to try it myself

  8. offer

    I know this platform for some time, but I never really tried it. What’s it about ? Is this the only software they offer?

  9. Idea

    what a journey!!!!!!! I love it, congratz on your win! I’ll try my luck with Westernasset.pro today

  10. Kristoff

    hmmmmmmmmm roulette assisting software sounds sketchy, but it looks like it works. Can you tell me more about this software please? How can I reach you?

  11. lucky

    I never trusted such platforms, but this one actually looks very promising. Thank you for your test, I hope I’ll manage to do the same. Starting today – wish me luck!

  12. wredestein

    i have tried this platform. It has potential, but I don’t know if you can really make 40eu+ a day

  13. Greta

    well placed review of this platform. I was wondering how it works, but now you cleared it up to me. Thank you, keep up the good work

  14. Mika

    wow I’m actually surprised, I thought that this is just another scam, but it might actually work.

  15. Krystal

    Thank you for your honest review. Finally something real and legit!

  16. Fani

    Nice work, it seems like this software is working (unlike 99% of the “roulette assisting software”)

  17. Freeza

    This seems like a legitimate way to make some extra buck. I haven’t tried it personally, but I know people who have, and they’re very happy with it so far

  18. Hussein

    Oh wow, this is exactly what happened to me too. I started my journey with this platform with 200€deposit, and I progressed to 400€ in the first few days. It was then when a long session hit me and I had to redeposit A LOT of money. I didn’t know if I should redeposit or not, but I figured that If I don’t redeposit now, I’ll lose all the money I had invested and earned. The software said that if I reinvest i had 99% chance of winning again and making a profit – and it didn’t lie. I got back and finished the day with a huge profit ov over 1000€!!!

  19. goku

    so you think this is actually a legit way to make money? I know about earning platforms, and I haven’t tried this one yet. Some of my friends have already lost some money in other platforms, but westernasset pro sounds really promising ^^

  20. Robert

    Investor here. I started with 500eu and didn’t rush things using this method. Right now sitting at 2000eu and I’m so happy with this platform! Hoping to withdraw big amount for Christmas xoxo

  21. Sven

    Your journey resembles my history with this method almost exactly. I also started with 100€ and managed to get to 600€ before I withdrew, but I did it in less than a week so I think it took you a bit too long xD

  22. MrJack

    I started with just 100€ and I’ve managed to earn more than 1000€ in just one month or so.. I think this is an awesome method. If someone doesn’t believe me, I can send you my screenshots to see that it works!

  23. Zeta

    the software is actually really easy to use.. I had never played roulette in my life, and I learned how to use it in 15 minutes.. it’s all clearly presented, and I’m quite happy with it so far

  24. Troop

    It all makes sense if you think about it. I tried the software, and I can tell you that there’s a good reason behind it. So, it’s like this: the software suggests you an amount to bet – you bet you wager. If you win, the session is over. If you lose, the software calculates how much you should bet next, and that goes until you win. It’s quite simple, you can really NEVER end a session with a loss, because you will ALWAYS come on top in the end and finish with a profit. Now what makes the software different is that it makes all the calculations for you, and doesn’t just double the amount you have to wager, but takes it slowly, with smaller risks.

  25. Landoooo

    After two months of using the platform, I’m making my withdrawal today of 2500€!! Thank you Westernasset Pro for making my Christmas better!

  26. skirt_skirt

    Guys I started with 300€ and i reached 500€ quickly. However, I got into a long session and I had to redeposit around 300€ again. I did it and I continued to play until I got to 1200€ and now I’m waiting for my withdrawal pending time to enjoy my free cash!

  27. natuci

    I started with 250 euro and I’m already at 850 eu, so I believe this is a legit platform. Note: I won more than 500euro in profit in just 5 days!!

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